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Unofficial Honeycomb Update Available for Logitech Revue

Logitech Revue has received an update to its existing Android operating system, though unofficially by Dev team’s GTV Hackers.

According to Slash Gear, a group of hackers named GTVHacker of Dev Team has developed an unofficial update for Android OS codenamed Honeycomb mainly for Google’s set top box Revue specifically for Logitech.

The update which has been made available for users by the group can be downloaded right away. However, the Dev team has also issued a warning that the update which is not available for the general masses has an issue with it. The Honeycomb update can affect the device completely and the developers have warned that there is no option to revert back to the original Android OS once the update has been applied.

A latest review from Tech Crunch has revealed that the update does not do much for the users and the TV on a whole except adding compatibility to more media formats, while online video service Netflix does not work after the update.

Meanwhile, Logitech has decided to cut prices of Revue by more than 50 percent due to embarrassing sale in first three months of its release. The price of the set top box has gone down from $249 to $99 in the United States.