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WIMM Labs Develops Android For Wrist Watches

WIMM Labs, a company founded by an Intel executive, has created a new platform that puts Android on wrist watches and necklaces.

According to an article on PC World, the company has developed an Android based platform that is designed for small screens, say as small as 1.4 inches.

The technology has been designed to facilitate simple interactions like checking emails, the weather or even paying for coffee at Starbucks.

The company plans to develop the software, the apps, a web store and the hardware, which will then be licensed to companies, which will be able to modify the gadgets as they like.

Some of the demos showcased by the company include a simple wrist watch with world time capabilities and a companion device for the phone that will allow people to read text messages, display the calender and even tell who is calling the phone.

The technology developed by WIMM Labs is not only meant for wrist watches but also necklaces and displays that can be mounted on bikes.

The company has been founded by CEO Dave Mooring, who is a former executive at Intel.

“There's an increasing demand for digital experiences that are faster, easier and more relevant. WIMM Labs integrates information into your daily life in the form of useful, subtle glances,” he said.