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Windows XP’s Market Share Treading below 50%

Microsoft’s ageing Windows XP has dropped below the 50 percent market share, a new report has revealed.

The new stats come as Microsoft is repeatedly trying to convince users into moving to the newer Windows 7 operating system.

According to data released by Net Applications, as of July 2011, Windows XP had a market share of 49.8 percent, a fall of 1.3 percent from June. From the report it is more or less evident that the rise in usage of Windows 7 has made way for the steady decline of Windows XP.

StatCounter, another metrics firm, revealed earlier in January that the market share of Windows XP had fell below 50%. As of July, the market share according to StatCounter stands at 43.9%.

Microsoft seems oblivious of XP’s steady drop in market share and continues to nudge XP users into moving to the new Windows XP. Windows 7 had a market share of 27.9 percent. The company plans to drop support for Windows XP in April 2014.

Analysts believe that Windows 7 won’t be as big has Windows XP once was as Microsoft plans to launch Windows 8 next year, in the third quarter. Windows 7’s user base will peak at 41 percent and will slide as Windows 8 comes into the picture, which is being designed by Microsoft keeping tablet devices in mind.