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Yahoo Announces Organic Search Results Transition to Bing

Yahoo has announced that it is ready to transition its European organic search results to Microsoft as a part of the Yahoo-Bing Search Alliance.

The company said in a post that the transition for non-paid search results or organic search results will begin on August 3rd for Yahoo’s European properties in the UK, France, Germany, Spain and Italy.

“We wanted to let you know that we are now ready to transition Yahoo! organic search results (the non-paid listings found on the main body of the Yahoo! search page) to Microsoft,” read a note from Yahoo.

“This is an important aspect of the Yahoo! and Microsoft Search Alliance and will help us toward our goal of further improving the overall relevance of Yahoo! organic results globally,” it added.

Yahoo said that the transition does not involve paid search results but websites which rely on organic searches for visitors should take some precautions.

The company advised websites to compare their organic search rankings on both Bing and Yahoo for the keywords related to them, in order to determine the impact of the transition on their traffic and sales.

Yahoo also advised websites to modify their paid search results campaigns according to the impact on their organic search rankings.