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You'd have to be daft to use Internet Explorer

The survey we picked up on was an elaborate hoax, involving the setting up of a web site and the litfing of a bunch of data from French web site Central Test. So, if you're an IE user you may not be as dim as you thought you might have been yesterday. Apologies for that!

We've often mused that anyone who chose to use Microsoft's bloated mess of a web browser Internet Explorer by choice might not be the brightest button in the box, but a new study adds the weight of science to our theory.

The study, conducted by an outfit called Aptiquant and entitled Intelligence Quotient and Browser Usage is the second such study to find a correlation between cognitive ability and the choice of web browser.

The study found that every single person in the 100,000-plus study group with an IQ below 100 - generally considered to be average - was using one flavour or another of Microsoft's much-maligned web browser.

More accurately, the study discovered that those with below average intelligence - or at least those who score lower on standard IQ tests - are more likely to stick with the browser which is installed on their PC by default.

The study's authors say: "There was a clear indication from the data that the subjects using any version of Internet Explorer ranked significantly lower on an average than others."