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£399.99 Acer M3400 Blu-ray Phenom II Desktop Tower

Raise your day to day computing experience to an entirely new level with the Acer M3400 Blu-ray Desktop Tower PC. M3400 from Acer comes at a really affordable price, yet powerful enough to meet all your productivity as well as entertainments need with its solid and reliable performance.

The M3400 is powered by the AMD Phenom II Six Core X6 processor - undoubtedly one of the leading names in the processor-market today. The Phenom II joins forces with the built in 4 GB RAM, and provides you in the process with a really sophisticated platform where upon you never have to worry about any lame performance no matter how resource heavy program you use.

The large 500 GB hard disk drive adds even more power to the package, and not to forget about the inbuilt GeForce graphics card with 512MB memory which caters to your gaming requirements with the utmost efficiency. Optical drive is also included and comes in the form of a high end dual layer DVD R/W drive.

And, as if all these specs were not enough, Acer also included an overwhelming number of 10 USB ports alongside one HDMI input in the device. The desktop tower weighs around 9 kg.

The Acer M3400 Blu-ray Desktop Tower can be purchased from Argos for £399.99.