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AMNews: Virgin Media Triumphant against BT, Nokia Planning Meego Based iPad 2 Rival? Samsung Galaxy S2 still Top Seller

The telecommunications watchdog, Ofcom, has confirmed that it will not force cable giant Virgin Media to open its network to competitors, a move that is likely to enrage its archrival BT. Unlike the latter, Ofcom said that Virgin Media did not pose a significant threat to the market, in other words, it did not have a "significant market power" or SMP.

German website NetbookNews was reportedly told by a source insider embattled Nokia that the company would be preparing at least one more device based on the Meego operating system although it is not clear whether it will be yet another Smartphone - like the N9 - or a tablet.

Microsoft has dished out a new beta version of its Forefront Identity Manager 2010 R2 tool, which is available for download from the Microsoft Connect website. The new beta version of Forefront Identity Management 2010 R2 comes with a few new features including credential management with web based password reset and historical reporting via integrating with the System Centre Service Manager data warehouse.

Asus could be looking to launch the second version of its Eee Pad Transformer tablet, arguably the most successful tablet after the iPad 2, as early as October 2011 if sources within the supply chain makers community are to be believed. Yenting Chen & Adam Hwang, both from Digitimes, write that Wintek has become the second supplier of touch panels for the device with an estimated 400,000 Eee Pad Transformer tablets rumoured to have been sold in Q2 2011 and Asus looking to more than double the number to 1m in the current quarter.

The latest mobile tracker list from USwitch shows that the Samsung Galaxy S2 is still holding on to its number one spot, for the fourth month in a row after having pushed the iPhone 4 down one notch back in May 2011. Behind the two non movers, Taiwanese manufacturer HTC has managed to slot four handsets, the old Wildfire as well as the top of the range Sensation, the Wildfire S and the Desire S, both of which were released back in February.