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AOL iPad App Gives ‘A 20-minute Morning Briefing’

AOL has just dished out its first online magazine designed specifically for Apple’s iPad tablet PC device.

The Editions by AOL iPad app has been designed from ground up to allow users to read personalised news briefings once a day, segregated by topics including local news, business, technology, sports and entertainments.

Like other news personalisation apps for the iPad, like Zite and Pulse, users will be able to select which sections they want, mark favourites and skip content that they don’t like.

The app will allow users to get news from several online news sources and blogs including TechCrunch, CNET, Businessweek, The Atlantic, CNNMoney, Forbes and Business Insider.

According to AOL, the app has been designed to be used in a single sitting. Users simply need to select the topics they want and enter their zip code to start reading the news. The pages in Editions are laid out as in a magazine and there are 3-4 articles on every page.

As of now the Editions would be ad-free, but AOL hasn’t ruled out the possibility of ad-supported verison.

“It has a beginning, a middle and most importantly an end. It’s a 20-minute morning briefing, meant to be taken in with your cup of coffee,” AOL mobile director David Temkin said.