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Apple iPhone 5 In Carrier Testing, September Is The Month

According to a new report, Apple's iPhone 5 is currently being tested by the company's carrier partners. This latest information comes from Charles Arthur at The Guardian, who wrote yesterday, "My carrier sources tell me that the boxes in which the new iPhone hardware is encased have been transported to carriers for testing".

The devices are reportedly being transported inside locked and sealed boxes, at a high level of security. The hardware is actually encased in a fake design, so that no one will guess what the phone actually is. Since carrier employees could get to see what is inside the boxes, Apple is trying to avoid a potential leak of information or images of its newest device, especially after succeeding in keeping everything secret so far.

This sounds similar to last year's iPhone 4 incident, when an engineer was testing the iPhone 4 in an iPhone 3G case, but you may remember how that turned out. He accidentally forgot the yet unreleased iPhone 4 in a bar and by the next day, the internet was flooded with leaked images of the upcoming device.

Once the carriers have undertaken tests to check their network compatibility, which should take just a few weeks, the fifth generation iPhone may be signed off for manufacturing, making a September release well within range, the Guardian tech editor suggests.

Arthur backs up his reasoning that Apple will not, and need not, wait until October, with a quote from Steve Jobs just after the iPod Nano launch:

"Every single week before the holidays counts, and we didn't want to wait two weeks when every week counts with very high volumes," Apple's talismanic CEO explained.