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Apple to launch iTunes Replay streaming service

Apple is planning to do for TV and film what it is already doing for music with a video-streaming service based on iCloud.

Web site App Advice says it has confirmed that the Cupertino company is planning to offer a similar service to its imminent cloud-based music service which will allow users to replay telly programmes and music they have brought or rented through iTunes on multiple devices, using streaming technology.

Currently codenamed 'iTunes Replay', the service will give access to any video material purchased as far back as the beginning of 2009 and can be watched on Apple TV and 'probably' iOS devices as well.

As we reported yesterday, the latest firmware upgrade for Apple's £101 set-top box Apple TV now has the ability to stream music and video from iCloud but now it has been given a name and a possible release date within the next few days.

Rumour has it that you will be able to download paid-for and free content to up to five devices but it's not clear how streaming content will impact on that cap.