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BlackBerry event - live blog

One Mobile Ring is at a Research In Motion Media Event in London, where we will be live blogging from the event to bring you the latest news as it happens.

Event is chaired by Patrick Spence, managing director of global sales and regional markering and Rob Orr, VP EMEA product management

9.37 There are 67 million BlackBerry users, 7 million in the UK which is around 11-percent of the population

9.42 Five new devices will be launching today

9.44 These new devices are the BlackBerry Torch 9810, BlackBerry Bold 9900/9930 and BlackBerry Torch 9850/9860

9.48 BlackBerry Torch 9850/ 9860 is a full touch screen handset, with the largest screen ever seen in a BlackBerry mobile phone at 3.69-inches

9.52 RIM has stated the BlackBerry 7 OS has the faster browser seen in a RIM handset, which is 40-percent faster than BB 6 OS

9.55 Augmented reality is a new feature of the BBC 7 OS, with 150 points of interest in 700 conent worlds to be accessed

9.57 These handsets are the thinnest and most powerful BlackBerry mobile phones released to date

10.00 This is the largest launch in Research In Motion's history, with 225 partners worldwide and the number of handsets on offer too

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