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Cheapest Freeview HD Box Now Available From £20

The price of Freeview HD boxes has significantly fallen over the past few months with the cheapest set top box currently on sale for as little as £19.97, hardly more expensive than a bog standard Freeview one.

BestBuy is selling the ISI-DVBT2 (opens in new tab) at that price, and according to the online retailer, it cost £99.99 at launch. It comes with an HDMI cable, which is a rarity, and a standard seven day electronic programme guide, and a slim chassis that will allow it to fit almost anywhere.

There are currently four HD channels available for free BBC One HD, ITV1 HD, CH4 HD & BBC HD, and although not everyone currently has access to Freeview HD, having a compatible box means that you won't need to upgrade at a later stage.

Another advantage the box has over normal DVB-T STBs is that it offers both SCART and HDMI outputs (it actually has two HDMI outputs) and upscale standard definition content to 1080p where possible (although the final results can be quite disappointing).

It does have an Ethernet port although we haven't found out what it will be used for; possibly for streaming services and firmware updates.

Like many other Freeview HD boxes on the market, the ISI-DVBT2 is a rebranded model, a Vestel T8300, and it shares common DNA with similar models from Tesco, Argos and Sainsburys.

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