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Dragon's Den's Duncan Bannatyne Offers £30,000 Reward For Arrest Of Twitter Blackmailer

Millionaire entrepreneur Duncan Bannatyne, one of the protagonists of popular UK TV show Dragon's Den, has offered a £30,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of a Twitter blackmailer.

The former ice cream man was so incensed when a person calling himself Yuri Vasilyev threatened to harm his daughter Hollie using micro-blogging site that he offered the £30,000 reward to track down the perpetrator.

"We are the men of Belarus," the original posting reads. "We do not give up. We will stand tall. Give us £35,000. Expect us."

Each posting is signed with the name Yuri Vasilyev and the nickname Hrodna, which is a city in Belarus near the Polish border. Evidence obtained by Bannatyne suggests a Moscow origin for the messages, however.

In an ill-advised response to the threat, Bannatyne offered to double the reward if his arms were broken, an offer which was subsequently withdrawn according to thinq_

"My people are getting closer to you every minute," he told Vasilyev. "Run and hide you little coward in Moscow."