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Facebook Adds Controversial “Expected: Child” Option

Facebook has updated its user profiles to allow married couples to announce if they are expecting a child.

The update made by the social networking giant adds ‘Expected: Child’ to user profiles. Facebook is already filled with new born baby profiles, despite its age policy, so it decided to legitimise the entire thing by allow parents to add their child to their Facebook profile before even it is born.

The option can be accessed by going to ‘Edit Profile’, clicking on ‘Friends and Family’ and select the ‘Add another family member’ option. In the ‘Select Relation’ drop down menu, users can select the ‘Expected:Child’ option.

Facebook also allows users to give a name to the child when they create a profile for the unborn baby. Many believe that the new option is sort of creepy and have spoken out against the fact that a child is going to lose its privacy before it is even born.

Parenting has already grown into a billion dollar industry and people who have put up the new profile update will surely bombarded with ads related to baby products and the likes. This may well be quite a money spinner for Facebook.

This move by Facebook has raised some brows and Scott Campbell, a professor of communication studies at the University of Michigan, told New York Daily News “The feature makes it a very clinical way to share what some consider very sacred information. Facebook makes listing a child announcement as casual as updating job information and hobbies.” as cited by Daily Mail.