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Facebook Buys Immersive eBook Maker 'Push Pop Press'

Leading social networking website Facebook has acquired Push Pop Press, a start-up that sought to deliver dynamic electronic books on Apple’s iPad.

According to tech website Apple Insider, Push Pop Press, the company behind the digital version of Al Gore’s famous book "Our Choice", has been acquired by Palo Alto, California-based Facebook. Under the acquisition the company, which was started by Apple’s engineers to support digital books and more immersive apps on Apple’s iOS, has decided to discontinue the service.

The company has revealed that the acquisition does not mean that Facebook is diverging into the ebook business, but the company has been brought in to integrate the service with the social networking platform and offer its more than 750 million users new ways to read and share.

"We can't wait for co-founders Mike Matas and Kimon Tsinteris to get started and for some of the technology, ideas and inspiration behind Push Pop Press to become part of how millions of people connect and share with each other on Facebook," the company said in an official announcement.

One of the founders, Kimon Tsinteris, worked for Apple to build Map apps for iPhone as well as the OS, while the other, Mike Matas worked for Apple to develop the user interface on iOS and Mac OS X.