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Google Faces Further Antitrust Complaints In EU

Search engine giant Google is facing 9 antitrust complaints in the European Union, relating to its search engine business.

According to sources cited by Reuters, the new complaints filed against Google come from smaller companies, following the move taken by Microsoft. Previously, it was reported that Google was facing 4 antitrust complaints in Europe.

“The Commission has nine formal complaints now. The new complaints come from small companies,” said the anonymous Reuters source.

One Reuters source claims that 3 of the 5 new complaints against the company have been filed by regulatory authorities while the remaining 2 are ‘fresh’. The European Commission, which has imposed heavy fines on Intel and Microsoft in the past, had opened an investigation against Google in November last year after three complaints filed by some of Google's rivals.

The rivals have accused Google of engaging in unfair business practices by manipulating its search results to stifle competition. The company is already facing a probe by the US Federal Trade Commission and many believe that it could end up in the same situation as Microsoft did.

If proven guilty of anti-trust practices, Google could end up having to pay up to 10 per cent of its global turnover as a fine.