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Google Voice Goes Live Globally, Comparatively Cheaper

Internet search behemoth Google Inc. has finally made available its Gmail voice calling service outside the US, in 38 different languages all across the world including the UK, the company announced.

The new service, which is totally different from the earlier online voice and video chat offering, was first introduced to the company’s customers in the US in 2010, and it allows users to make calls to both landlines as well as to mobile phones from Gmail.

Google Voice Calling comes with a set of pretty simple functionalities, and users can make calls to 150 countries all around the world by simply clicking at the Call phone option towards the top of the chat list, and then inserting the number or a contact name.

Some of the other features included are voicemail transcription, SMS to email, conference calls, etc.

The calls made by users from the US and Canada are absolutely free, users from other countries will have to pay for their calls. The price per minute for UK callers has been fixed at 2p for mobile and 11p for land line numbers. For detailed information on the call charge list, visit the official rate chart released by Google.