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Internet Explorer Users Don't Really Have Lower IQ

A much-publicised study which claimed that users of the Internet Explorer web browser have inferior IQ levels has turned out to be a hoax, it has been revealed.

Thanks to some serious detective work done by IT Pro and its readers, the story, which was run by almost every tech news blog and even national news websites like the BBC, was proved to be a fraud.

Alarm bells started to ring when one IT Pro reader reported that AptiQuant’s website, the company which was responsible for the fake research, was copied from the website of another company called Central Test.

As it turned out, AptiQuant had copied Central Test’s entire bios section and had changed the names but the information and photos were the same. Futher investigation revealed that Central Test’s testimonials for company services and clients were also copied by AptiQuant.

Central Test’s chief executive Patrick Leguide, when contacted, revealed that he had no knowledge of AptiQuant nor its CEO, Leonard Howard.

Meanwhile, Warwick Business School, one of the clients that AptiQuant supposedly had, claimed that they had never worked with such a company and had no records of it whatsoever.

The final proof that AptiQuant, and hence the survey, was a fake, came when an IT Pro user discovered that the address given by AptiQuant was for a car park in Canada.