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iPhone 5 Launch Set For October Not September, Report Says

Until now, most of the indications and rumours have suggested the next generation iPhone will be launched in September. But according to a report on All Things Digital, it looks like we're looking at an October release.

According to the tech website, which is owned by Dow Jones, the publisher of the Wall Street Journal, all those sources and hints indicating a September launch are actually wrong and we'll just have to wait a little bit longer for the next iOS smartphone. The source, apparently clued up on Apple's plans, spoke to All Things Digital (opens in new tab) saying, "I don't know why AT&T's calling for all hands on deck those weeks, but it's not for an iPhone launch."

When asked when the iPhone 5 will finally hit the market, the source answered somewhat abruptly "October". The exact date or period was too much to ask, but according to the site 'other sources' claimed the release would take place sometime towards the end of the month, rather than early October.

This unsubstantiated report comes after just recently, another source added more weight to the supposition that the next-gen iPhone would come in September. An AT&T employee, apparently, claimed that the company is rejecting vacation requests for the last two weeks of September, due to an event, thought most likely to be the release of the iPhone 5.

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