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Is Netflix & Spotify Competitor, Apple iTunes Replay Coming Soon?

iPhone maker Apple is all set to unveil the company’s hugely anticipated new offering, iTunes Replay, and it could hit the market pretty soon, a new report claims.

The iTunes Replay, which reportedly enables users to re-download, as well as to stream video files bought from the iTunes store to multiple devices, was first rumored some two years back in 2009. However, the project never saw the day light and many assumed with sad faces that Apple had abandoned the concept.

But, if we are to believe this report by AppDevice, Apple is making a dedicated effort to make the much awaited service a reality.

Once it goes live, iTunes Replay will allow users to access movies and videos they purchased as back as 1st January, 2009. In addition to that, it will also enable users to stream their iTunes video files to Apple TV, as well as iOS too.

“The name, “iTunes Replay” is currently being used internally, and is planned to be kept when Apple makes this public. You should expect this to go public in the coming weeks, as the necessary changes are being pushed to Apple’s servers at the moment,” AppDevice claims.

Apple might be motiviated to bring the iTunes Replay because of the success that Spotify and Netflix are enjoying at this stage.