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Late News: Developers Favour iCloud, iPhone 5 Shipments in September, 5 Year Hacking Campaign Exposed

A new mobile developer survey has revealed that developer interest in Apple’s iCloud has risen significantly in the last quarter, almost matching that of Amazon’s cloud. According to a survey of 1,125 mobile developers conducted by Appcelerator and IDC, half of mobile developers are planning to connect to Apple’s iCloud platform in the next year or so.

AOL has just dished out its first online magazine designed specifically for Apple’s iPad tablet PC device. The Editions by AOL iPad app has been designed from ground up to allow users to read personalised news briefings once a day, segregated by topics including local news, business, technology, sports and entertainments.

Data centres are known for generating massive amounts of heat but two Microsoft researchers have come up with a vision to harness the heat generated by them to warm houses. According to a new report entitled ‘The Data Furnace: Heating Up with Cloud Computing’, the heat generated by data centres can be used for productive purposes instead of going to waste.

A recent report has revealed that Pegatron will begin shipments of Apple's iPhone 5 in September, with the Taiwan-based manufacturer thus becoming the second ODM for Apple's smartphone. A volume of 10 million iPhone 5 units has been ordered from the manufacturer, according to the industry source, Digitimes reports.

Security software provider McAfee has said that the series of hacking attacks till date, which saw hackers penetrating into 72 networks worldwide, including those of United Nations, many world governments as well as quite a few high profile companies has been a part of a 5 year campaign.