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Met tweets a warning at online hacktivists

The Metropolitan Police force has taken to Twitter to warn the likes of LulzSec and Anonymous that interfering with a computer that isn't yours is very naughty and could land you in gaol.

"The investigation into the criminal activity of so-called "hacktivist" groups #Anonymous and #LulzSec continues," the Met proclaims, before going on to "remind people of the law in this area: The Law Against Computer Misuse."

Under the Computer Misuse Act of 1990, "it is an offence if a person acts from within the UK upon a computer anywhere else in the world," the proclamation continues. "It is also an offence for someone anywhere else in the world to criminally affect a computer within the UK."

The Met warns that anyone "who gains unauthorised access to (or modifies) computer material may be liable to up to two years in prison (Section 1)." It also says that anyone who gains unauthorised access to a computer and fiddles with it, may be looking at ten years inside.

"These offences cover the acts of unauthorised access to personal accounts, Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) Attacks and intrusive hacks where data is taken or systems changed," the Met writes.

No doubt hackivists country wide are now quaking in their slippers.