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Microsoft Research Proposes New Home Heating System, Data Centres

Data centres are known for generating massive amounts of heat but two Microsoft researchers have come up with a vision to harness the heat generated by them to warm houses.

According to a new report entitled ‘The Data Furnace: Heating Up with Cloud Computing’, the heat generated by data centres can be used for productive purposes instead of going to waste.

The researchers believe that if data centres are moved to homes and office buildings, they can be used as a primary source to heat the premises and heat water.

The data centres, or Data Furnaces, as they are called in the report, can easily be used to heat apartment buildings and offices. Due to security reasons, the researchers have proposed shipping the servers to single family homes as micro data centres.

The researchers believe that the micro data centres, which will contain 40-400 CPUs, are capable of becoming the primary heat source for a home.

“These microdatacentres use the home broadband network to connect to the cloud, and can be used to host customer virtual machines or dedicated Internet services. They are integrated into the home heating system the same way as a conventional electrical furnace, using the same power system, ductwork, and circulation fan,” the report reads.