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Noon News: Google Facing 9 Antitrust Complaints, Google+ Gets 25 Million Visitors, Facebook Buys Push Pop Press

Search engine giant Google is facing 9 antitrust complaints in the European Union, relating to its search engine business. According to sources cited by Reuters, the new complaints filed against Google come from smaller companies, following the move taken by Microsoft. Previously, it was reported that Google was facing 4 antitrust complaints in Europe.

Google Inc.’s new social networking platform Google+ is one of the first to boast of more than 25 million users in less than one month of the launch. According to the Los Angeles Times, market research firm comScore in its latest report has revealed that Google+, which was launched to masses in late June, has managed more than 25 million visitors in a month and is recording around a million unique visits every day.

The Pentagon has plans to tap social networking websites to secure information, to detect and track the spread of ideas, enabling them to counter any upcoming threats. According to the Washington Post, The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), part of the Pentagon, has announced that the authorities are looking for people proficient in social networking that could help them research and build strategic programs accordingly.

We've noticed over the last few weeks that Microsoft has cut the price of its Windows Home Server 2011 operating system by more than half to £36.86, a price that includes VAT and delivery. The price cut is not limited to the UK and there's plenty of stock around (note that it is the CCQ-00128, an OEM version, but customers can expect to get both the OEM preinstallation kit and a standard DVD installer).

Leading social networking website Facebook has acquired Push Pop Press, a start-up that sought to deliver dynamic electronic books on Apple’s iPad. According to tech website Apple Insider, Push Pop Press, the company behind the digital version of Al Gore’s famous book "Our Choice", has been acquired by Palo Alto, California-based Facebook.