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Retailers Cut Price Of iPhone 4, Making Room For iPhone 5

On the verge of the iPhone 5 launch, Target and Radio Shack are dropping prices of the iPhone 4 to make room for Apple's upcoming smartphone.

Radio Shack has a sale running at present, offering the 16 GB iPhone 4 at $169 and the 32 GB model at $269. You could potentially see the price drop even lower, to just $69, since Radio Shack has another attractive offer: bring an older iPhone model and you can benefit from an extra $100 discount.

Some Target stores are also cutting prices for the iPhone 4, selling the 16 GB model for $150 and the 32 GB iPhone 4 at $250, based on a two-year deal.

Also with a two-year contract, the two retailers are expected to drop prices for the iPhone 3Gs down to just $20.

Some reports say that the discounts may differ according to the carrier. If they are true, the two retailers are selling the AT&T iPhone 4 at a $30 discount, while the Verizon model might see no discount at all.

When different retailers cut their prices in this manner, it is usually a reliable hint that an upcoming product is soon to be launched. Hopefully, this will turn out to be the case in this instance and Apple's next-gen iPhone is finally coming, with a September launch in the company's plans.