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Samsung Joins Pursuit Of InterDigital Patent Portfolio

Korean electronics giant Samsung has emerged as the new potential buyer of InterDigital’s enormous patent portfolio, according to new reports.

US based InterDigital recently put up its 9000-strong mobile-related patent portfolio for sale, which, needless to say, drew quite a bit of attention from a handful of companies.

If the reports of Samsung being lured by this extensive patent collection, which certainly holds the potential to play a decisive role in the cut throat mobile phone market, are true, then the company has joined the likes of Bloomberg, Apple and Google amongst many others in the race.

The patents are related to a wide range of technologies usually featured on smartphones such as the iPhone, Android based devices as well as RIM’s BlackBerry. According to market observers, InterDigital could pocket an amount as high as $5 billion from this rather luscious deal.

"The fight between Apple and Samsung is getting serious, so if the assets go to Apple, it could be pretty risky for Samsung," Shinyoung Securities analyst Lee Seung Woo told Bloomberg, Mobile Business Briefing reports.

"To hedge the risk, Samsung could go ahead with bidding, although they may have to pay a big premium,” he added.