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T-Mobile Enables Payment for Digital Goods through Direct Carrier Billing

Telecom giant T-Mobile has announced a brand new carrier billing program which will enable its customers to charge their purchased items directly into the T-Mobile monthly bill.

With this move, the company hopes to make it far easier for consumers when it comes to purchasing goods from online shopping portals such as Amazon or ebay, and pay the amount directly with the T Mobile monthly bill itself. And above all, the telecom giant is making the new service entirely free in order to convince more and more consumers to embrace it.

"As the growth in mobile purchasing explodes, we want to be at the forefront in helping customers more easily purchase digital content and services," Brad Duea, senior vice president of value added services of T-Mobile, said in a statement, PC Mag reports.

"In 2009, T-Mobile was the first U.S. carrier to offer direct carrier billing for the Android Market. With this new program, we're extending the hassle-free payment experience to browser-based purchases from virtually any online source and across a variety of mobile devices,” he added.

In order to enhance the security and reliability aspect of the process, T Mobile is going to process the payments through direct carrier billing, which will be monitored by both the company as well as the billing service providers.