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AMNews: iTunes Replay Coming Soon, Call Spying Android Trojan Found, Apple Tech Support Weakens, HP TouchPad Price Cut

Apple is all set to launch the company’s hugely anticipated new offering, iTunes Replay, and it could hit the market pretty soon, a new report claims. The iTunes Replay, which reportedly enables users to re-download, as well as to stream video files bought from the iTunes store to multiple devices, was first rumoured some two years back in 2009. However, the project never saw the day light and many assumed with sad faces that Apple had abandoned the concept.

A newly discovered Trojan, built for targeting Google’s Android Smartphones is capable of recording phone calls and transmit them to its creator without even alarming the victim, security experts at CA Technologies, a leading IT firm has warned. A senior Anti malware expert at the company explained in a blog post that the Trojan could be used to eavesdrop on the victim’s each and every conversations made through the infected device, and that too quite easily,

Twitter has managed to reportedly raise $800 million in a recent round of funding, which evaluated the company at $8 billion. The funding brings a significant boost to its budget, giving it a flexible environment to expand and monetise its services. In a blog post, Twitter revealed that the round of funding was led by venture capital firm DST Global.

As Apple continues to break sales records every quarter, the quality of the company’s tech customer support is dropping. According to a latest The National Customer Service Survey report, Apple continues to score exceptionally well but in some areas it was falling behind its competitors like Hewlett Packard and Dell.

We didn't have to wait long for a UK-based retailer to drop the price of the HP Touchpad tablet; Dabs is selling the tablet for £370 through its online Ebay outlet, nearly eight per cent less than its official selling price of £399. The version on offer is the 16GB model and comes with a full one year warranty and free delivery. HP and its retail partners have cut the price of the Touchpad in the US by $50 on both the 16GB and the 32GB models to $349 and $449 respectively.