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Apple To Sell 30 Million iPhones In Q4, Analyst Says

Apple amazed everybody with 2011's fiscal third quarter results. While everybody was almost certain that there would not be so many iPhone 4 sales, owing to the supposed upcoming iPhone launch, Apple has managed to show that their marketing strategy is working as well as in previous years.

And now Boy Genius Report has revealed some analyst research that forecasts iPhone sales being pushed as high as 30 million units in the fourth calendar quarter of the year. The last three months of 2011 should comfortably beat the record sales of the previous quarter, since it will benefit from the introduction of the iPhone 5.

BTIG Research analyst Walter Piecyk wrote on Wednesday that Apple could sell in the fourth quarter as many as 30 million handsets, having previously estimated the number at under 22 million iPhones.

Piecyk also thinks that nearly one third of the iPhones will be sold only in USA: with AT&T selling as many as 5 million iPhone 5 handsets, Verizon - 4 million, while Sprint could sell slightly more than 1 million iPhones. However, if the T-Mobile and AT&T merger goes through, then we could see even larger numbers. Should the iPhone 5 be a 4G and a global phone, then Apple could achieve phenomenal sales levels.