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Apple Servers More Vulnerable to Hack Attacks Reveals Report

According to a new revelation, Apple servers may be more vulnerable to severe hack attack when compared with their counterparts at rival Microsoft.

The revelation was made by a research to be presented at the Black Hat security conference that kicked off on Wednesday, and it claims that despite Apple’s successful record of keeping malicious software and attackers away from the company’s laptops and desktop computers, once a hacker penetrates in to the Apple network, it becomes incredibly easy for him to roam around with little constraints.

The researchers from iSEC, a consulting firm which conducted this comparison between the two arch rivals in the computer market, shared a company report with the Financial Times.

Interestingly it was just last week when the Windows maker Microsoft announced that it had discovered the Mac OS version of the infamous password stealing malware named Olyx.

“Company IT departments increasingly assume that one or more computers under their watch will become infected at some point,” wrote the Financial Times.

“Hackers use personalised e-mails with malicious attachments that can appear to have been sent by a friend or colleague, or previously unknown software that security scans will not detect, or both, as in the recent attacks on security firm RSA and the International Monetary Fund,” he added.