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EA Offers Battlefield 3 Beta Early To Preorder Customers

Gaming publishing giant Electronic Arts has announced that people who pre-order the Battlefield 3 game from its Origin online store will get early access to the beta version of the game’s multiplayer mode.

According to a post on the Battlefield 3 blog, gamers who pre-order the game from EA’s store will get early access to its multiplayer beta, which will be launched next month in September.

People pre-ordering from EA will also get access to the Back To Karkand expansion pack and the Physical Warfare pack, the post informed.

“The beta will also be available to owners of Medal of Honor Limited Edition, who are expected to get early access as well. The beta will go open and will be available to all players, at some point,” the post read.

Meanwhile, gamers who have pre-ordered the game from retailers like Amazon, Gamestop and BestBuy, are also going to get expansion packs and other downloadable content.

Amazon is offering gamers a set of dog tags for multiplayer along with access to the Back To Karkand expansion pack. Gamestop is offering the Physical Warfare pack and the Back to Karkand DLC. BestBuy is offering Back To Karkand DLC and a set of new multiplayer skins.

You can pre-order Battlefield 3 from Origin here.