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Ex-CIA Official Warns of Terrorism in Cyber Space

A former CIA official has warned that cyber security threats should not be taken lightly as the threat posed by cyber warfare is rising on a daily basis.

Speaking during the BlackHat security conference Cofer Black, former director of the CIA's Counterterrorism Centre said that decision making officials had failed to react to the indicators of an imminent attack on American soil before 9/11 as they kept waiting for some kind of validation.

Black was one of the few counter terrorism officials who had warned the government about a looming attack on the United States.

“People say 'were you surprised [by the Sept. 11 terror attacks]’. I can tell that neither myself nor my people in counterterrorism were surprised at all. The demand for validation of threats will come into your world,” he said.

A similar trend is shaping up when it comes to cyber terrorism. Experts around the globe have predicted that in the light of recent cyber attacks on government private infrastructures, in the future, wars will be fought in the cyber space.

He claimed that top decision makers would need to react to the information and take steps to secure critical infrastructure against cyber attacks and set up by counter cyber terrorism units to strike back in case of an attack.