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First South Korea Now France, Apple in Trouble Over Location Tracking

After being subjected to a nominal fine by the South Korean government, iPhone maker Apple Inc. is now under the scrutiny of the French government for its alleged practice of unauthorised collection and storing of location data information.

According to reports, French government’s technology watchdog, the Commission Nationale de L'Informatique et des Libertés (CNIL), is currently looking into the matter.

Confirming these reports, head of CNIL, Yann Padova revealed to AFP that, "We have sent two letters to Apple, who have responded to us in part. We received some clarifications, but they were not complete. The file is still under investigation."

Apparently, the group is still trying to find out what encryption method the iPhone maker follows in order to store the location data it allegedly collects.

"Apple has worked on improving the information," provided to its clients about the existence of this stored data, Yann added.

The past couple of months or so hasn’t gone too well for Steve Jobs and his minions, as the company has come under severe criticism and scrutiny from various corners in the world, including the US, South Korean and now, French government for allegedly collecting location based information of its iPhone devices without any prior consent from the user.