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Google Snaps Bletchley Park through Street View

Google Inc. continues to put to use its much controversial service, the Street View, this time at a historical site in order to raise fund for its restoration work.

According to British daily newspaper, the Telegraph, Mountain View, California-based Internet Search behemoth has initiated a new campaign as it sends a tricycle to the Bletchley Park, complete with a 360-degree camera to capture images.

The campaign is aimed at capturing images of the historical site and to enable web users to have a look at the place which is hardly connected with roads efficiently. According to the company, the images of the site which is in great need of restoration work, specifically the block C of the site, may help increase awareness about the importance and history of the site and draw donation for its restoration work.

"Bletchley Park will form part of this collection, where viewers from all over the world can be made aware of this historical site, which played a pivotal role for Britain in World War II." A Google spokesperson said.

Bletchley Park, currently The National Museum of Computing, was used as a head centre to decode the encrypted messages of rivals during the World War II.