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iOS Based Instagram Sharing 150 Million Photos

Popular iOS based photo sharing service Instagram has announced that 150 million photos have been uploaded on the platform, achieving an important milestone.

In a blog post, the company reported that it now had more than 7 million users sharing 15 photos per second with one another, meaning that there are 1.3 million photos being uploaded on Instagram every day.

The app, which is available for free from the Apple App Store, allows people to share captured moments with friends, family and complete strangers by clicking and uploading photos from their iPhone.

The company reached the milestone after launching the app nine months ago, a fact that makes it one of the most popular mobile social networks. The app has remained in the top 25 free apps list on the App Store for more than a month.

“We're constantly amazed by the range of photos shared on Instagram. People use Instagram to snap photos of everyday moments with friends and family and also to document significant personal moments, like weddings and honeymoons,” the company said.

“Artists and celebrities have begun to give fans a unique look into their lives through photos, while brands like Burberry have started to realize the power of communicating with their followers through images,” it added, indicating that app could be turned in to powerful marketing tool.