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iPhone 5 Follow-up, Macbook Air, Mac Mini Could Have Same Merged OS X, iOS Platform

The chances are that the mobile devices released by Apple in 2012 will share the same fundamental hardware and software platforms as the company's main consumer devices: the Macbook Air, the Mac Mini and the Apple iMac.

Peter Misek, an analyst for Jeffries and Co, was the latest to highlight this possibility a few days ago. Arguably, that's a good nine months after we suggested that this could happen in an article called "Is Google Chrome OS A Precursor To Mac OS X 10.7?" published in October 2010.

Back then, we suggested that "Mac OS X 10.7 is the first step towards a converging environment with the ultimate goal being a single operating system that can run both smartphones and mainstream computers; one OS to rule them all."

In another article published days later and entitled "New Macbook Air Should Get Intel & Microsoft Worried". we brought up the possibility that Apple may decide to use a streamlined A5 or A6 SoC in its Macbook Air platform.

Given that Apple has already dumped Intel for the Apple TV and has abruptly cancelled the Xserve server platform without blinking an eye, it wouldn't surprise us at all if the next Mac Mini, Macbook Air and iMac share a common hardware and software DNA with the iPad, the iPod Touch and the iPhone. After all, if Intel is planning to do so with the x86 Atom Moorestown, so can Apple.