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iPhone 5 To Trigger More Generous Data Plans?

The iPhone 5 release is just around the corner, we should see it hitting the shelves sometime during September or October. With Apple's latest handset, iCloud and iOS 5 all arriving at about the same time, it's inevitable users are going to be feeding on a lot more data. Conversely, it seems that carriers have recently started throttling data, limiting access and making it more expensive.

eWeek reports that the current unlimited plans from US mobile carriers could be ended and replaced with more tiered plans. If we look around, we can easily observe that the world is going "cloud" crazy these days, also with Google's Chrome OS powered netbooks needing a constant connection as well as data hungry apps, usage is going to increase significantly.

As the "cloud" revolution continues to evolve, most of the carriers will have no other choice but to accept the compromise of offering more data on cheaper plans. Just think about FaceTime, iCloud and Mac OS X Lion's Internet influenced features. Can users really survive without solid, cheap and reliable data plans?

That's why with the iPhone 5 and other data-hungry superphones hitting the market, quite soon, we might begin to see, some more generous and affordable "cloud-based" data plans.