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Kissmetrics, Spotify, GigaOm, AOL Face Web Tracking Lawsuit

Kissmetrics, a leading Web analytics firm, and more than 20 of its customers including the likes of, Spotify,, and Spokeo have found themselves in the midst of a legal dispute, as all these companies are being sued on the basis of KISSmetric’s alleged violation of state, as well as federal privacy laws.

The lawsuit was filed in a Northern California federal court, and according to the filing, the tracking technology used by KISSmetrics is a direct violation of all state and federal laws, brought in with the purpose of safeguarding net users’ privacy and security.

The companies were dragged to court by a group of lawyers, including one Scott Kamber, who had filed another similar suit against Hulu and KISSmetrics last Friday. Interestingly, that was the day when it was revealed that the tracking technology used by KISSmetrics, tracked users who had deleted their cookies, and recreated them. KISSmetrics denies the charges.

“Our business model is uniquely pro-privacy precisely because our tools enable insights without sharing any user information across websites and without developing or storing user profiles across sites, and that for this reason, KISSmetrics offers key differences from third parties that link up user data across the Internet,” founder of the company, Hiten Shah said, reports.