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Late News: VMWare Rejigs vSphere 5 Pricing, Google Angry over 'Bogus Patents', Nintendo Chief Says Sorry

According to a new revelation, Apple servers may be more vulnerable to severe hack attack when compared with their counterparts at rival Microsoft. The revelation was made by a research to be presented at the Black Hat security conference that kicked off on Wednesday, and it claims that despite Apple’s successful record of keeping malicious software and attackers away from the company’s laptops and desktop computers, once a hacker penetrates in to the Apple network, it becomes incredibly easy for him to roam around with little constraints.

VMware has been forced to change the pricing of its vSphere 5 offering following severe customer backlash. The company had charged for vSphere 4 on the basis of the physical memory and the number of processor sockets and cores. The company decided to change the pricing scheme by charging for the amount of RAM used by a virtual machine. This was followed by severe criticism and consumer backlash.

Internet search giant Google’s top legal officer has officially accused rivals Microsoft, Oracle and Apple of making “bogus” patent claims which may eventually lead to the costs of the company’s Android phones rise significantly. David Drummond, the company’s senior vice president and chief legal officer who brought this severe accusation, probably believes that its rivals are turning envious of the company’s tremendous success in the recent times.

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has apologised for making significant price cuts in its 3DS hand held gaming device only five months after launch. The company cut the price of its flagship hand held 3D gaming device from £153 to £104, angering investors along with early adopters of the console.

Gaming publishing giant Electronic Arts has announced that people who pre-order the Battlefield 3 game from its Origin online store will get early access to the beta version of the game’s multiplayer mode.