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Mobo makers report burgeoning Llano shipments

Taiwanese motherboard makers reckon AMD's 'Llano APUs' are shipping in volume, with around a million units having been delivered to outlets during the month of June, and a further 1.3-1.5 million units shipped during July.

The numbers come courtesy of Digitimes, which boasts access to local component manufacturers, thanks to its location in downtown Taipei. Whether they bare any relation to reality may be another matter, but they suggest AMD's proclamations that it is onto a winner with its integrated graphics and processor package may not be short of the mark.

The 32nm-based Llano-based A-series quad-core APU is a higher-end part compared to the 40nm-based C series (Ontario) and E series (Zacate) which launched earlier in the year and look like giving Intel a run for its money in notebook and desktop configurations for a change.

According to Digitimes' mobo-making sources, AMD could shift between 7.5 and eight million Llano parts in 2011.

If AMD manages to get its AM3+ FX series Zambezi (Bulldozer) parts out of its doors in decent shape before the end of the year and then pile on the pressure with its 28nm Krishna APU early in 2012, the outfit will finally be in decent enough shape to compete in the markets it traditionally cedes to Intel with nary a whisper, despite much promise and bluster.

Intel is trying to figure out how to compete with ARM in low-power devices and smartphones and AMD - and the rest of us wary of monopoly power - will hope the chip-making giant takes its eye off the ball in its key markets, however unlikely that may be.