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New Addiction in Town, Smartphones

A new study has revealed that 3 out of five teenage Smartphone owners are “highly addicted” to their phones, while the same can be said in the case of over 37 percent adults.

According to the telecom and broadcast regulator OfCom’s latest Communication Market Report, at least 27% of all adults and 47% of teenagers in the country were the proud owners of a smartphone, 57% of which admitted that they were gifted or purchased their handsets within the past one year.

The study by OfCom also revealed that over 81% of the owners kept their Smartphones switched on all the times, whereas 38% adults and 40% teens admitted of being woken up from their sleep by their Smartphones.

Hinting more towards how Smartphones have become the latest craze amongst users of all ages, particularly amongst the teenage population, 51 percent of adults and 65 percent of teens said that they had the habit of playing around with their Smartphones even during a meal. Meanwhile, 22 percent of adults and 47 percent of teens acknowledged the fact that they answered a call even when using the toilet.

"Ofcom's 2011 Communications Market Report shows the influence that communications technology now has on our daily lives, and on the way we behave and communicate with each other," OfCom's director of research, James Thickett said, PC Advisor reports.