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Noon News: Classical Books Coming to iPad, Germany Bans Facebook Face Recognition, Instagram for iOS has 150 Million Photos

The British Library has announced the digitisation of over 60,000 books via the 19th Century Historical Collection app for iPad. The national library has already made available near about 45000 titles to the subscribers of the app since June, this year, and it claims that the collection will be further expanded by the end of the year.

German privacy regulators have stated that Facebook’s new facial recognition programme violates federal and EU law and must be stopped in the country. Privacy regulators have ordered the social networking giant to stop offering the service in Germany and delete any data it has collected up till now. The company stands to face fines of up to €300,000 if it fails to comply with its request.

iPad textbooks maker Inkling has raised $17 million in a Series B round of funding led by Tenaya Capital, as the company is anticipating the upcoming back to school season. The company was founded by CEO Matt MacInnis and has around 60 employees and hundreds working on a freelance basis to churn out interactive textbooks for the iPad complete with audio and visuals to enhance the learning experience.

Popular iOS based photo sharing service Instagram has announced that 150 million photos have been uploaded on the platform, achieving an important milestone. In a blog post, the company reported that it now had more than 7 million users sharing 15 photos per second with one another, meaning that there are 1.3 million photos being uploaded on Instagram every day.

Software giant Microsoft is planning to bring support for HTML 5 and JavaScript in Office programmability. Microsoft has made some job posts which indicate that it plans to extend support for HTML 5 and JavaScript beyond Windows to Office 15 and Office 365.