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Qualcomm "Consumerising" Snapdragon SoC Brand With Major Overhaul

Qualcomm announced yesterday that it would segregate its system-on-chip family into four distinct groups and assign them names that can be easily remembered; S1, S2, S3 and S4, with "S" standing for "System" (as in SoC) and the higher number designating higher performance.

This should be viewed as another step in the process which will see Qualcomm confirm its position as the most consumer-focused of the many ARM licensees, producing chips that go into a growing range of devices; from smartphones to televisions.

The S1 range will be used for mass market devices with a single core 1GHz SoC with an Adreno 200GPU. You will find those SoCs in the Orange San Francisco and the HTC ChaCha for example and in some tablets.

The S2 ups the clock speed to 1.4GHz and swaps the original GPU for an Adreno 205. Existing products include the HTC Flyer and the Desire S; Other noteworthy features include the ability to stream movies in 720p HD, Dolby 5.1 surround sound, 3D capture and playback capability.

The S3 family doubles the number of cores, ramps up the speed limit to 1.5GHz, adds a more powerful GPU, the Adreno 220 as well as a number of other features like 1080p HD, 1440x900 display and most importantly, console quality gaming.

The future S4 family includes next generation devices. SoCs in that segment will be fabbed on 28nm and will ramp all the way to 2.5GHz with up to four Krait cores, next generation Adreno GPU and 3G/LTE Multimode.