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Superfast broadband users love their fat pipes

Communications watchdog Ofcom reckons customers using what it calls "superfast broadband" are extremely happy with their pipes.

The outfit estimates that around 500,000 households had adopted broadband with a "headline" speed of 30Mbit/s or higher by may this year - up from around 100,000 in 2010. These are signed up either through Virgin Media’s cable service or BT’s Infinity product.

And according to its research some 80 per cent of those customers report being "satisfied" with the service. A third even said the download speeds exceeded their expectations.

Almost two thirds of consumers (63 per cent) with superfast broadband said they are now more likely to download High Definition films/ TV programmes on the Internet. They didn't indicate whether they'd choose to pay for such content however.

The findings make up part of Ofcom's eighth annual Communications Market report, which is to be found here.