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Talkmobile Launches £1 SIM Contract

Carphone Warehouse's own mobile phone network, Talkmobile, has launched a new, groundbreaking mobile contract, a £1 SIM-only one that offers 25 minutes and 50 texts per month on a rolling 30-day contract.

The deal is only available in Carphone Warehouse online stores as part of Talkmobile's August deals. Applying the same tariff of a normal PAYG SIM (8p per minute & 4p per text) from the same company, the SIMple deal, which TalkMobile calls Britain's Best Value, should be worth £4.

Talkmobile - which runs on Vodafone as a MVNO - doesn't have any plans to extend the deal to a six month or even one year contract. Its more expensive £8 SIMple deal offers 50 per cent more minutes and twice the number of texts when switching from a 30 day to a six month contract.

A similar move would up the number of minutes to around 40 minutes and 100 texts; the £1 would be better than an emergency PAYG SIM (since you don't need to top it up all the time) but would become rather expensive should you wish to give it to a teenager.

A great entry level phone that can be used with the SIM is the Alcatel OT-209 smartphone which used to cost 1p at Carphone Warehouse but which is now available for a whopping £2.90.