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VMware Changes vSphere 5 Pricing Scheme Following Customer Backlash

VMware has been forced to change the pricing of its vSphere 5 offering following severe customer backlash.

The company had charged for vSphere 4 on the basis of the physical memory and the number of processor sockets and cores. However, for vSphere 5, the company decided to change the pricing scheme by charging for the amount of RAM used by a virtual machine. This was followed by severe criticism and consumer backlash.

Now, VMware has decided to stick with the new pricing scheme but has lowered the prices by introducing three updates much to the pleasure of angry customers and partners, the company announced.

First, the entitlements to vSphere Enterprise+ and Enterprise have been increased from 48 GB and 32 GB to 96 GB and 63 GB respectively. The entitlements for vSphere Standard, Essentials+ and Essentials have been increased from 24 GB to 32 GB.

Secondly, the company has now put a cap to the amount of RAM it can charge for. Users will have to buy licenses for using the first 96 GB after which they would not have to pay a dime, even if they use a 1 TB virtual machine.

Lastly, the company announced that it will charge users on the basis of 12 month average of RAM usage. Many still believe that the revised pricing wouldn't completely eliminate the impact of the new model though.