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4 Reasons Why UK Became A Nation Of Smartphone Addicts

Research released by industry regulator Ofcom provides an interesting and intriguing insight into the impact of mobile technology on our lives, and how ultra personal devices like smartphones are changing the very fabric of our society.

The report, which can be found here, shows that over a quarter of adults and nearly half of teenagers have a smartphone, with nearly two thirds of them having acquired their smartphones in the last year alone. Why? We've singled out four reasons why the smartphone is turning us all into tech-slaves.

Smartphones have become incredibly cheap over the last 24 months and no handset highlights this better than the Pulse Mini. Back in April, the Android-based handset was available from T-Mobile for an astonishing £19.99, hardly more than a mere feature-phone. Like its more expensive siblings, it can surf the web, take pictures, play music and movies.

Smartphone contracts are now much more affordable as mobile phone operators have made an extra effort to bring prices down. Customers can now get a decent smartphone like the Sony Ericsson X8 or the Orange San Francisco with data, texts and minutes for as little as £12 per month.

Smartphones do more than just calling and texting; some of them are so powerful that they rival laptops and desktop computers when it comes to sheer raw power. High end smartphones like the iPhone 4 or the HTC Sensation can do almost everything a traditional PC can do including graphic intensive gaming and video conferencing.

Smartphones are more portable than laptops and computers; not only do they generally have a longer battery life, they are also infinitely more portable and, as Ofcom has found out, are used by their owners in toilets, restaurants, meetings and everywhere bigger PCs can't.