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AMNews: Smartphone Obsession Grips UK, Google Chrome OS is Vulnerable, Friend Suggestion Based on Location Data

Ofcom has come up with an interesting, intriguing insight on the impact of mobile technology in our lives and how ultra personal devices like smartphones are changing the very fabric of our society. The report shows that over a quarter of adults and nearly half of teenagers had a smartphone with nearly two thirds of the lot having acquired their smartphones in the last year alone. Why? We've singled out four reasons why smartphone is turning us all into tech-slaves.

Skype has dished version 2.1 of its Skype for Android app that brings support for its video calling feature on more Android devices. Earlier, only HTC Desire S, Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo, Sony Ericsson Xperia Pro and the Google Nexus S Android based devices were eligible for using the company’s video calling feature.

Researchers have revealed that Google’s highly ambitious operating system, Chrome has loopholes that can be violated to take over the system easily. Two security experts, Matt Johanson and Kyle Osborn, on Tuesday revealed to a group of people while addressing the Black Hat conference that they have already found a way into Chrome OS which was officially launched by Google Inc. a few months ago.

The researchers at Cambridge University have come up with a method for predicting potential friends on social networks on the basis of common places visited. Currently, social networks like Facebook and Twitter offer friend suggestions by following the ‘friends-of-friends’ approach. However, the new method developed by the researchers is based on the places people visit in the real world.

Google Inc. continues to use its much controversial service, the Street View, this time at a historical site in order to raise fund for its restoration work. The Internet Search behemoth has initiated a new campaign as it sends a tricycle to the Bletchley Park, complete with a 360-degree camera to capture images.