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Cloud Adoption Linger as CIOs Hesitant Reveals Study

Cloud adoption is increasing among businesses but CIOs are still hesitant about the technology after suffering initial setbacks, a survey has found.

A study into cloud computing adoption by UK businesses was conducted by Vanson Bourne and was sponsored by business continuity services provider SunGard Availability Services.

The company found that only 10 percent of the 250 UK CIOs surveyed are ‘completely confident’ about the security and efficiency of third party cloud computing services providers.

It was revealed that a whopping 68 percent of the CIOs moved only that data in the cloud which was not critical to their operations, indicating that service providers are not meeting the security concerns property.

Sadly, even if the cloud adoption rate is on the rise, CIOs are not too keen to adopt the cloud due to initial bad experiences. Around 66 percent of the CIOs claimed that they had experienced some downtime in apps running on the cloud.

“While the newer breed of cloud providers has focused on selling the benefits of cloud, of which there are clearly many, organisations are right to be asking the crucial questions about the security and availability of their data and infrastructure before they entrust it to a third party,” said SunGard Availability Services managing director UK and executive vice-president Europe Keith Tilley.

“Demonstrating a reputation for having security, resilience and availability baked in to solutions will be key to imbuing CIOs with the confidence to continue to move their more critical infrastructure and applications to the cloud,” he added.