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Intel aims for sub-$1,000 Ultrabook price tag

Leaked details from Intel's Ultrabook partners suggest that the chip giant is aiming to undercut Apple's impressively pricey MacBook Air with its own ultra-slim creations.

Although no official pricing has been announced, sources from Asus speaking to thinq_ at the unveiling of the UX21 - considered to be the first of the Ultrabooks, and announced even before Intel had confirmed the existence of the programme - indicated that it, at least, would be priced towards the premium end of the market.

Details leaked from Intel's Ultrabook design partners regarding a new bill of materials for reference designs suggest an upper limit to that cost, however: $1,000.

According to unnamed sources speaking to Taiwanese rumour-mill DigiTimes, the company is to meet its Taiwanese ODMs to discuss the new BOM, which places parts for the 21mm models at between $475 and $650, and parts for the slimmer 18mm models at between $493 and $710.

The parts list excludes the cost of manufacturing, shipping, and sales, and doesn't include tax, but does offer a rough estimate of how much buyers can be expected to pay for the ultra-slim notebooks. With all figures taken into account, it would appear that Intel is trying to aim for a sub-$1,000 sale price, which would be extremely competitive next to the MacBook Air.

Sadly, until a manufacturer actually releases an Ultrabook, it all remains a guessing game. With Asus and HP currently racing to be the first to market, that day could hopefully come sooner than anticipated.